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Welcome to Think.Write.Create a place for thoughts, writing, and creativity.  I’m a creative person who enjoys art (mostly drawing), photography, and writing.  My brain is constantly thinking about any topic under the sun.  The purpose of this blog is to write about my thoughts, quandaries, opinions, as well as post my creative works.


I’m an absolute thinker and live inside of my head.  I could be accused (and maybe have been) of over-thinking and over-analyzing things at times.  I’m a great observer and listener, which also makes me think.  Sometimes, I wish I had an on/off switch for my brain, but then I wouldn’t be me.


I’ve been told I’m a good writer.  Mostly, this is when I’m writing angry letters to people or companies who’ve made me mad.  I guess that would be called “passionate”.  I would like to write about happier topics and still be told I’m a good writer.  I’m better at expressing my feelings and emotions through writing.  I’m introverted and shy, so this is pretty logical.  Verbal communication is not my strong suit.


I create through art, photography, and writing.  I’m a pretty slow artist, probably because I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so I only have a handful of completed pieces.  I also have some pretty nice photographs I’ve taken throughout the years.  I would like to spend more time creating because I love it.  I find it very relaxing and it puts me into a zone where my brain slows down its thought jumping.  I would also like to have a side income from my creations.

Think. Write. Create

I will post art, photography, writings, stories, and opinions.  If I come across items I find useful, I will post about those too.  Anything that is inspiring, beautiful, clever, practical, and thought-provoking will find its way here.  Anyone interested in my artwork, please feel free to drop me a note.  I hope to give you inspiration to think, write or create something dear to your heart.


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